“‘How do you know I’m mad?’ said Alice.”

Name: Alice

Hair: Mysterious (I’m not bald, I’m a Hijabi)

Eyes: Brown, and gazing wistfully at an E rating

Sex: Female

The Hand with Which I am Handed: Right

Age: In Fencing Years- One and three quarters; in Other People Years- Sixteen

Piercings: Deeply Regretted and Since Un-pierced

Weapons: Foil, Pen, and once, accidentally, Fingernail

Cat: Wonderful, mystical, ridiculous, fickle, adorable Mitty

Gerbil: Spastic, Squee-ful, Skittish Hamlet (who is unfortunately no longer with us)

Surviving Fish: Refuses to die and in return is tolerated

USFA Rating: Pending (U) …Still

Faith: Islam

The Books with Which My Purse is Currently Lined: Zeitoun, Moby Dick

Temperament: Vulcan, with sprinkles of Piglet and Eeyore and pops of fury

Music to Which I Sing and Bounce, Much to the Distress of Others: Kimya Dawson, Coldplay, The Innocence Mission, The Doubleclicks, Belle and Sebastian, The Smiths, Cornershop, Depresstival, Rusted Root

My Heroes: Joan of Arc, Martin the Warrior, Merlin, Arthur, Sherlock Holmes (Sans Cocaine Addiction), The Virgin Mary, Michael Moore, Nam Hyunn-Hee, All the Raleigh Purple-Sockers, Lucy Pevinsie, the Brontes, Anne Frank, C.S. Lewis, Rachel Corrie, Piglet, Benjamin Hoffe, Mr. Caterpillar, Dr. Paul Farmer, Maria Montessori, The Doctor, Buffy, Willow Rosenberg, Mal Reynolds, Kaylee, Wash, Tanya Pinto, Rainbow Dash, My Mum

Totem Star Trek- The Next Generation Character: Data

Mantra: I am the best, everybody loves me ’cause I am the best…

Fears: Heffalumps, Fencers that Don’t Smile When You Salute and Shake Hands, Growing Up, Never Making it Past my First DE Bout, Big Houses at Night, Drowning, Demented Serial Killers who May Happen to be My Creative Writing Teacher, People I Love Dying


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