Friday, April 6, 2012

Dear Katsufrakis,

Autobiography has always been an aspiration of mine which I’ve never really managed to get around to realizing. Because starting a diary is hard, have this brief and crappy bit of free verse. I despise bad poetry, and hope to God that I never write poetry seriously (i.e. as something other than an excuse to write badly organized prose), but anyway, here is an introduction to the Chronicles of Me:

When I was younger

I sniffed an entire petunia up my nose

For hours I snorted into the toilet

Then I sneezed and the snot-coated misery was gone.

Last Friday I shook the milk carton

Forgetting I’d already taken off the lid

The kitchen was a pearly puddle of milky appliances and countertops

I had to change out of my Slaughterhouse-Five T-shirt

I am a bumbling human.

I only hope she finds my awkwardness endearing*.

*So you know how a couple months ago I said I wasn’t gay? Hello, gay now!





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  1. 1

    Olivia said,

    From one bumbling human to another, I’m sure it’ll all be fine. 🙂

    Malcolm Reynolds is saddened by this realization, Qasima. SADDENED, I TELL YOU.

  2. 2

    aliceling said,

    Really? He is? I take it all back! :p

  3. 3

    e. said,

    Starting a diary is hard, and sticking with it is even harder. Which is probably why I never managed to keep one longer than three weeks. Also, shh, I like the poem.

    I feel like, as a queer person who is comfortable in hir’s identity and has been out in certain circles for several months [although the parents still do not know and they won’t be finding out any time soon], that I should be saying something along the lines of “Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies” – except that we don’t have cookies. We have tea, though, and chocolate, and things – the cookies are a lie, though. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. 🙂
    In all seriousness, though, congratulations on finding and recognizing this part of yourself, and, um, welcome to “the family.”

  4. 4

    e. said,

    [And because I always manage to forget things like this, sorry about that.]
    Hello, I happen to be a person you met at a birthday party, someone with short hair, a British accent, and more than one mutual friend (I’m working with the assumption that you don’t know many people by that sort of description)…and I do believe that I just outed myself on the internet with my previous comment, which was not the plan, but eh, ‘s not that important at the moment.
    Lovely blog, by the way, absolutely lovely.

    • 5

      aliceling said,

      Aww shucks, I feel like I’m wrapped in a warm, queer cocoon of gay love. Thanks!

      Also, I love your nongendered pronouns- unless that was a typo- in which case that’s still a great idea for a nongendered pronoun.

      Also, does the dark side have coffee? And possibly also a lesbian Kaylee (from Firefly)? Because that would be sweet and I think Mal would enjoy knowing that Kaylee had finally found herself a… girl. It might soften the blow a bit.

      Also, the internet is the best place to be out. There are loads of supportive folk and chances are your parents won’t find your internet-self because they’re old. At least that’s my hope- my parents don’t know either and God help me when they do.

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