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Occupy Your Emotional Reality

Don't warn the tadpoles!

I just read something on Sience not Fiction that made me think a lot about reality; and so I started thinking about my emotional reality and my lack of ability to accept and live in it and the way I drive myself insane with cyclical feelings and second arrows and whatnot. But in thinking about my emotional reality in the context of basic reality versus virtual reality, I had an epiphany.

If I’m ok with there being a world in which I can control everything, in which my choices don’t need to be second-guessed, in which I am basically able to do, be, say, and make anything I want without affecting anyone else; If I’m ok with everything my virtual self can say and do, then why can’t I accept my brain as MY emotional space. My personal other world where nobody can even see what I’m thinking and feeling, let alone judge it. Where I don’t affect anybody else, and therefore am entitled to everything in that space.

Nothing I feel can ever be wrong.

Nothing I think can ever be wrong.

Nothing I dream can ever be wrong.

Nothing I imagine can ever be wrong.

Nothing I hope can ever be wrong.

Reality in my head is MY reality. Nobody else is allowed to log into my emotional account and alter my world. Only I have the password. If I think it, then it is true for me, period. Nothing anybody says or implies about what I think matters. That’s what they think, and they should keep it to themselves.

It’s ok to be ok when other people aren’t. That’s how I feel and nobody can tell me it’s wrong. They can, however, get the eff off of my emotional lawn.

I will see my world how I want to, and no power in the ‘verse can stop me.

I am the 20%. Cooler.


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